Our Story

As I write this, on the second day of January, my 73rd year, 2022, I have a good view of the snow covering our neighborhood, still about six inches remaining five days after the first flake.

My mind goes back, as it always does when it snows, to the thrill I always experienced as a child when it snowed.  Back then, many years ago, snow meant sledding, snow meant snowball fights, snow meant countless hours playing with friends, making memories.

There is something magical about a new snowfall.  Yes, I know, not everyone feels the same way as I do, as my wife Bev does, but I think there are many of you out there who know what I’m talking about.  The world transforms into a magical kingdom.  The sounds of the city are muffled, and everything just seems to be cleaner and unspoiled.

I felt that way as a child; I still feel that way today.

The wonder of it all!

I look up at the sky and for just a moment, the sun makes an appearance, lasting barely thirty seconds, but long enough to remind me that this past year a man-made space probe actually “touched” the sun, and as I write this a space telescope is hurtling towards the sun, a telescope which will be able to see, get this, billions of years into the past.

The wonder of it all!

And that is what this website, and the related social media, and our podcasts and YouTube videos, are all about . . . the wonder of life, big and small, near and far.

My wife will finally retire in eleven months, giving us eleven months to plan, to dream, to purchase a travel trailer, to purchase a drone for videos, and to begin chronicling our journey into the wonder of it all.

We hope you will join us!

outstanding quality of life for us
“Experience the AWW”

We are Beverly King and Bill Holland, man and wife, our home-base is Olympia, Washington, and this website is, more than anything else, about enjoying life after retirement and taking the time, finally, to find the wonder in the big and small of this planet.

Bev is Peter Pan to my George Bailey, and if you don’t understand that reference you really need to watch more movies.  She is the playful one. I am the serious gnome, an odd coupling for sure, but one which works in some strange way.  About six months ago (this being December, 2021), Bev and I somehow came to the same realization that we needed to hop off the treadmill of life and actually get out and enjoy the hell out of life.

And so we are! This website, and blog, will chronicle our attempts to discover as much wonder as is humanly possible in our time left on this spinning orb.  It is our belief that wonder is where you find it; all that is required is that you open your minds and start paying attention.

Thank you for joining us on our travels, near and far.  We are thrilled that you are taking the time to discover the wonder with us.